Benefits of Organic
It is often said that the kind of clothes one wears can impact one's physical
and mental well being. Materials such as pure cottons, linens and silks are beneficial

to one's system. The spiritual vibrations emanating from such materials emit positive

energies and frequencies from the atmosphere around us.

Benefits of Pure Cottons
Derived from the cotton plant, cotton is completely natural and has higher levels of

spiritual purity. Cloth made from natural fibers have the ability to attract Divine Consciousness

from the environment, retain positive vibration and to protect one from negative energies.
Regardless to say, it is also good for the skin, as it helps absorb sweat,
keeping the skin healthier and lustrous. The ideal fabric for hot and humid summers!


Sacred colors
Blues - very serene, it is often referred to as the aromatherapy of the color world! Believed to
lower blood pressure, slow down respiration and having a calming, relaxing, serene effect!
Yellows - very bright, stimulating and joyous color helps elevate the inner spirit!
Oranges - a sacred color, said to be very nurturing, restful, and even to flatter skin tones!

Purples - said to be very rich, dramatic, luxurious, creative, restful and spiritual!

Art of Hand-made
Ancient Art of Organic Fabric Painting - Hand-painted and block-printed
cotton textiles with ethnic designs sculpted from blocks of wood, artwork done
using a pen, reproduced using organic vegetable dyes!

Facts and Maintenance

Cotton fibers are soft and need attention.
Always recommended to dry clean the very first time.
Cotton should be best washed in cold water using mild detergent.
Best to hang dry.