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Pure cottons, linens and silks are beneficial to one’s well being. The spiritual vibrations emanating from such materials emit positive energies and frequencies from the atmosphere around us. It is often said that the kind of clothes one wears can impact one’s physical and mental well being.

Pure cotton, derived from the cotton plant, is completely natural and has higher levels of spiritual purity. Cloth made from natural fibers have the ability to attract Divine Consciousness from the environment, retain positive vibrations, and protect one from negative energies. Its good for your skin, as it helps absorb sweat, keeping your skin healthier and lustrous.
Ideal fabric for hot and humid weather


Colors are sacred and spiritual.

Blues – very serene, often referred to as the aromatherapy of the color world!

Believed to lower blood pressure, slow down respiration and as having a calming, relaxing and serene effect!


Colors are sacred and spiritual.

Yellows – are bright, stimulating and joyous. This color helps elevate the inner spirit!