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Mughal Block Prints

Block printed cottons were popular in India for centuries. India is known for its excellent printed cottons.

Block Printing is a special form of printing using wooden, metal or even linoleum blocks. Creative designs are laid out in reverse on flat, smooth blocks. The design is then carved into the block. The block is covered with inks or natural dyes and pressed onto the desired fabric.

Mughals introduced floral and vegetal motifs, such as the birds and paisley patterns or buta, which are very popular in contemporary Indian textiles.

Block Printing has roots trace back to 3000 BCE, during the period of ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Its not until the 12th century that this traditional art began to flourish.

The revival of block printing picked up with state handicraft development corporations from 1960 onward. Fabspirit supports the Indian Cottage Industries and help provide jobs for passionate craftsmen and women.

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